Greco's Ghosts

Art. History. Culture.

The Fine Print

This blog is meant for the enjoyment of art, written by an art enthusiast who does not claim to be an all-knowing expert.
The subjects chosen are those which are most familiar to and most loved by the author. The bias toward any genre or exclusion of any group or genre is not intended, but is inevitable considering the vastness of the subject of art. Western art and history are most often discussed here, as the author is most familiar and educated in this area of culture.
References to religion are made frequently on this website, as art has been deeply connected to religion since prehistoric times. These references are not meant to discriminate against any group but are discussed when pertaining to the interpretation of art.
The use of profanity may occur at times in an effort to bring about witticisms and a contemporary and extemporaneous attitude to subjects. If this or anything else about the author’s style offends you, this is not the website for you.

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